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Are constraints related to your current financial system inhibiting you from accomplishing your objectives as a business? Is your Quickbooks implementation becoming a burden rather than easing the financial responsibilities of your organization? 

Systems and tools are designed to help propel your business forward, not hold you back. If Quickbooks or any other basic accounting system is causing more headaches than relief, then it might be time to upgrade to a more robust solution. 

The Right Time to Upgrade Your Accounting System 

Growing pains are felt by many small and mid-size businesses as the tools and resources they once relied upon no longer meet the needs of the organization. Knowing the right time to upgrade to a more robust accounting system is crucial to keep operations running smoothly. 

Some indicators that may signal it’s the right time to upgrade your accounting system include: 

  • Your current solution no longer offers the feature set your business needs for basic operations 
  • Your employees are overwhelmed on a regular basis and often share how challenging their daily tasks have become 
  • Tasks that used to require minimal effort now require manual processes to make up for a lack of system capabilities 

A general rule of thumb? If your current tools are holding your employees–and therefore your business–back in any way, it’s time to invest in new technology. 

Fast Track an Upgrade from Quickbooks to Business Central 

If you have outgrown your current accounting system, it may be time to fast track an upgrade to Business Central financials. Maybe your business has inventory, and your simple accounting system is unable to handle inventory tracking and management. Maybe an external supplier has a system you need to integrate with, but your current accounting system doesn’t have the capability to integrate slowing down business. While simple accounting tools such as Quickbooks aren’t built with these capabilities, Business Central was designed to handle these scenarios. 

More than likely, you need an upgrade now, and not nine months from now. Our team at Intellint offers a fast-track method to upgrade from a simple accounting system such as QuickBooks to Business Central financials, so you can get your business operating at full speed. 

Through our fast-track process, instead of a typical four-to-six month (or six-to-nine month for large-scale organizations) implementation, we offer a two-month rapid implementation that allows your business to get the necessary system in place and your team transacting in it, as quickly as possible. The rapid implementation strategy allows your business to get up and running quickly so your business can start receiving the benefits of your investment straight away. 

Start Small and Build as You Grow 

Through our fast-track process, the main goal is to lay a solid foundation for your business to grow upon. We start with the basics–only implementing what your business needs. Once the system is in place, then additional features and advanced functionality can be added such as inventory tracking, manufacturing capabilities, sales tax management, and beyond. 

With Business Central, you have access to the Microsoft App Source that enables you to view and download the applications your business needs. For instance, there is an app that integrates with Business Central for sales tax management.  

How We Can Help 

Our goal is to shepherd your business from where you are today to where you want to be. Fast tracking the implementation of Business Central enables your business to rapidly gain a return on investment so you can help your employees work smarter, not harder. Once the basic system is in place, you can unlock advanced features giving your workforce access to increased visibility, remote work capabilities, greater collaboration, and most importantly, a reduction in the friction of doing business. 

Are you already running Microsoft 365? Then you are one step ahead, but this solution is available whether or not you’ve implemented a single piece of the Microsoft platform. If you haven’t yet invested in the Microsoft platform, our team can get you up and running quickly so you can take advantage of all the features of the platform that will help your business meet its goals. 

When your systems are no longer meeting your needs, it’s time to upgrade to a powerful system like Business Central. Contact our team to learn more about our fast-track implementation services to maximize your return on investment. 

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