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Time is money. As a small and midsize business owner, you know this better than anyone. While you likely know that investing some of your hard-earned income into tools can help your business run more productively and efficiently, it can be a challenge to determine the right tools and resources. 

What is going to make my employees more productive? How can I be sure I’m not wasting precious resources? Investing in the right tools to make your business more productive in the long-term is not a simple decision, but an important one. 

When it comes to the productivity of your organization, we believe there is one toolset that stands above the rest: Microsoft 365 and Business Central 

Increased Productivity and Competitive Advantage with Microsoft 365 and Business Central 

Regardless of the type of business operation you are running, Microsoft 365 and Business Central are sure to add considerable value for your enterprise. Whether you invest in the platform for financial management for warehousing, manufacturing distribution, sales management for supply chain, or project management for warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution, the versatile nature of the solution is designed to make your team more productive. 

Productivity really boils down to one thing: connecting people, processes, and insights so people can make better decisions, faster. 

At the end of the day, a productive organization holds a competitive advantage in the marketplace. And in an ever-changing world where competition grows tougher every day, you want every competitive advantage you can get. You have to find ways to differentiate while also finding ways to excel and delight your customers. 

The more productive you are, the more you can do resulting in more value added for your customers. Business Central in combination with Microsoft 365 makes this possible. 

Productivity Advantages of Business Central and Microsoft 365 

Find out how you can enable your employees to achieve greater productivity. 

Streamline Workflow 

In order to streamline your workflow and get more done with automated business processes and insights, you can take advantage of the suite of tools offered through Business Central and Microsoft 365. 

Stay Focused and Productive 

Enable your teams to stay focused on the task at hand. With the Microsoft 365 and Business Central solution, there is an embedded Teams experience in Dynamics 365. Your employees are given the ability to see chats, channels, and people related to a customer record, or even start a conversation – all without leaving Dynamics 365. The ‘suggested actions’ prompts can help close deals,  While Microsoft Business Voice, enables you complete all your phone calls via Teams.  

Get insights into customer history, previous discounts, and more without leaving Outlook. The Microsoft 365 + Business Central toolset offers insight into customer history, helping you better serve them all within a single application. 

Imagine how these features could change your day-to-day operations as your team’s productivity increases. 

Take Action in the App You’re Using 

Eliminate the cost of multiple systems and need to switch between standalone softwares, and instead consolidate down to one platform. Enable your team to complete all of their work right within the app, whether it includes setting up customers or vendors, creating quotes, processing orders, or submitting invoices. All of this can be done without leaving Outlook, or Teams–whichever your individual application preference may be. Operating from any screen on any device, employees can start conversations on their laptop and move to an iPad all without disruption, as they access the information they need from Business Central.  

Interact with customers and vendors directly from Outlook to accelerate transactions and business decisions. Promptly manage inquiries, services requests, or process payments to accelerate the sales cycle. 

Improve Data Analytics and Accuracy 

From a data standpoint, the Microsoft 365 + Business Central duo helps improve productivity allowing users to import and work with data in Excel and feed the edited information back to Business Central. For example, if you are looking at accounts receivable data, accounts payable data, or a customer list, from within Business Central, you can quickly click on a button and export that data into Excel. Once exported, you can edit it and then easily re-import it back into Business Central. Data remains accurate and up-to-date–this seamless interaction enables teams to operate more efficiently leaving less room for error. 

Secure Productivity 

Build confidence and peace of mind with secure cloud services, enforceable workflows, and transparent audit trails. Improve security and sleep better at night knowing the solution is delivered in a secure, cloud-based delivery model, where you  have 24/7 security for your information and data. Enjoy greater transparency into everything that is happening within the solution. 

Invest in the Right Tools to Improve the Productivity of Your Workforce 

Most small and midsized businesses are already running Microsoft 365 or some component of the solution. Adding Business Central is straightforward when you use an experienced integration team like ours at Intellint. 

While the implementation of a new tool does come at a cost to your business, the value you will gain through a solution like Microsoft 365 and Business Central is invaluable. With the flexibility to add or remove users as needed, getting started is cost effective and straightforward.   

Contact our team to determine how Microsoft 365 and Business Central can boost the productivity of your small or midsize business. 

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