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Success or failure can depend on the experience customers receive when interacting with small and midsize businesses. Offering exceptional service is often the key to retaining a satisfied customer base. 

How can customer service reps enhance the customer experience and leave the customer with a positive outcome? It boils down to one thing – access to information that leads to efficiency. 

Efficient access to information by a customer service rep leads to faster response time, ultimately enabling the fulfillment of more service requests. With Microsoft 365 and Business Central, customer service reps are able to create an impact on the business by enhancing the customer experience. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

While the main role of a customer service rep is to resolve the needs of customers, their greater mission is to resolve the challenge as quickly as possible. No matter what channel the customer service representative is using–phone, text, email, or a chat window–they must be able to find the information they need quickly and efficiently so that they do not keep a customer waiting.  Once steps toward resolution have been determined, the customer service rep needs to have the ability to address the necessary individuals across departments within the business to resolve the challenge. 

Business Central and M365 offer a full suite of tools that enable employees to provide benefits to customers such as: 

Fast & Accurate Service 

A customer service rep’s job is to take care of their customers. With all of a customer’s information stored in one app that is easily accessible from anywhere, they can provide customers with faster and more accurate service. 

Enhanced Issue Resolution  

To troubleshoot and resolve an issue, a customer service rep may need to screen share with a coworker or open a chat to confirm an open question. Instead of having to leave the conversation with the customer, the customer service rep can perform these tasks while maintaining communication with the customer. 

For example, if a customer service rep is talking about an order return with a customer and they need to speak to a coworker in the shipping department, they can easily message the individual and begin a conversation. With the full suite of tools offered by Business Central and M365, the team can communicate, work together to resolve the customer challenge at hand, and ultimately deliver a better experience for the customer through easy access to information and communication with the people that enable them to keep a dispute moving forward. 

Proactive Service 

Equipped with information from Business Central about an order, a customer service rep knows whether an order is late and is not going to ship on time, if a product is backordered, or if an order is on time. With that knowledge, the customer service rep can proactively communicate with the customer. With information at their fingertips, they can provide customer service that is above and beyond the competition. 


Customers like to feel known. Business Central enables customer service reps to offer a personal touch. Equipped with details from the account such as their birthday or other personal information, customer service reps can personalize their interactions–offering a level of service that stands out. 

The Competitive Advantage of Exceptional Customer Service 

Optimizing the customer journey creates a competitive advantage for your small and midsize businesses by offering a personalized, engaging experience at every touch point, from frontline to fulfillment. 

Set your business apart from the competition by investing in Business Central and M365. Through proactive service and the ability to communicate information in a timely manner, you differentiate your business from the competition. 

Stay focused on people instead of process by allowing technology to enhance what you are doing to make your business run more efficiently. For example, with a few clicks while checking your email, you can surface information about your customer and create quotes with line items suggested by artificial intelligence. 

Transforming Small and Midsize Businesses through Microsoft 365 and Business Central  

While Business Central and Microsoft 365 can enable small and midsize businesses to deliver exceptional customer service, the impact doesn’t stop there. Business Central and Microsoft 365 can impact every piece of the business–whether sales operations, customer service, or finance. 

The information received by the customer service department is shared with everyone in the business. For instance, the sales team can benefit from reviewing customer information before attending a quarterly business review. With insight on the current state of the account, sales reps no longer have to fear being blind sided. Instead, they can get a sense of what is happening with the customer–any positive or negative comments, insight into the delivery of projects, and beyond.  

Through increased visibility, everyone within the organization from the owner to the operations team has a lens through which they operate more efficiently and effectively.  

Contact our team to learn more and determine how Microsoft 365 and Business Central can enable your team to deliver an exceptional customer experience that will leave your small or midsize business with a competitive advantage.  

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