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The past few years have made the ability to seamlessly work from anywhere a requirement for most businesses. Businesses have had to adapt and develop remote work capabilities. While many businesses have taken steps towards improving their remote work capabilities, sometimes the solutions aren’t as cohesive and accessible as they could be for employees.

As the Senior Vice President – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Practice at Intellint, David Eckel wanted to share some of the benefits of a seamless solution. From his own experience, the solution includes Business Central and Microsoft 365. Through advancements in technology and the interconnected nature of the apps we use daily, these tools have transformed remote work and the ability to collaborate.

Using Business Central and Microsoft 365, in the middle of a three mile walk the other day, he said, I was struck by what I was able to accomplish, not while sitting at a desk in my home office, but out and about as I got my steps in for the day. In this article, we’ll uncover some of the key benefits offered by these two solutions that enable small and midsize businesses to seamlessly complete work from anywhere.

1. Collaborate on the Go

One main benefit of Business Central and Microsoft 365 is the ability to collaborate with clients and/or coworkers wherever you are.

The other day, as I walked with only my mobile device in hand, I participated in a global phone call using Microsoft Teams and I was able to participate in the call regardless of where I was and what I was doing in my life. I was able to be connected and fully engaged in the conversation. When asked a question from the CEO regarding financials, I opened my phone, scanned some financial reports in Business Central to obtain the necessary information, and responded to the question at hand, all without missing a beat.

While this may seem insignificant, consider a moment where you needed to access a document, but couldn’t. Consider a moment where you wanted to quickly shoot off an email but couldn’t log into your provider. We’ve all been there. Even on the go, the Business Central and Microsoft 365 solutions provide a consistent experience and secure access to my calendar, email, files, and tools.

2. Access to Information

With access to information at our fingertips through Business Central and the Microsoft 365 platform, companies can engage in business anytime, keeping work and life in better balance. Instead of waiting for someone to email over a document, these collaboration tools allow businesses to pull in content or people as needed.

If there is a need to open a presentation on a call with a customer to explain the current status of a project, you can launch PowerPoint and run through the presentation during the call instead of necessitating a future call. You can even add colleagues to an in-progress meeting to keep business moving forward.

3. Respond at the Speed of Business

The Microsoft platform makes it possible to respond at the speed of business through all of its tools and platforms working seamlessly together. You can guide and collaborate with customers, colleagues, and vendors remotely. Meet, chat, call, and collaborate right from within a Teams workspace, and seamlessly share records, and information, from Business Central directly within Teams.

You have access on your phone, tablet, and computer as long as you have a secure data connection–giving companies the ability to keep up with the pace of business.

4. Secure Access

Most importantly, business is conducted through a secure platform. In business, you must look at everything through a security-first lens. The Microsoft platform offers this secure access and collaboration through its scalable cloud solution that can be tailored to the needs of both businesses and customers.

5. Shrinking the Globe

With access to tools and information that allow you to work from anywhere, you are able to shrink the globe.

During a recent project kickoff, teams from the midwest and Sri Lanka were united. Seemingly a world away and nearly opposite time zones, through the collaborative tools of Business Central and Microsoft 365, our team was able to accomplish the intended project kick-off goals. While seemingly simple, the tools allow businesses to bring teams together–regardless of geographic location and all in a seamless manner to ensure value is continually added to the client.

Seamlessly Work from Anywhere

Through Business Central and Microsoft 365, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of seamlessly working from anywhere. Whether you are in Teams or Outlook, you can access customer data that is in Business Central. If an invoice or quote needs to be sent out it can be. If a conversation is happening in Teams, you can easily add others to the conversation. Within a single pane of glass, you have access to everything you need to keep business moving forward.

Improve teamwork and respond faster from almost anywhere by seamlessly connecting your people, business processes, and customers with the Microsoft cloud. Contact our team to see if Business Central and Microsoft 365 would be a good fit for your small or midsize business. 

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