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Maintain control over your company’s cash by implementing the proper tools to analyze and keep track of cash flow within Business Central.

Effective cash flow forecasting and analysis enables companies to effectively finance their cash flows, optimize operational activities to promote increased cash flow, and proactively identify idle cash to invest it wisely. Without visibility, future cash flows may face cash shortages or missed opportunities to utilize idle cash.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables companies to make better decisions about cash management. Business Central’s Cash Flow tools are not only based on historical company data, but leverage Azure AI to predict future considerations. In this Microsoft video, explore how to setup the graphics you can use to view information about the flow of cash in your business:

Features of Cash Flow Analysis in Business Central

Business Central’s account enrollment center offers charts that guide end users as they set up their cash flow analysis. Features include the cash cycle, the cash paid, income and expenses, and cash flow for cash charts. Additional guides are built in to help end users seamlessly implement the cash flow analysis features of Business Central.

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Interested in learning more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used for your organization? Check out these videos:

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