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4 Ways That Data Analytics Enable Third-Party Logistics to Stay Competitive

Supply chain constraints and logistics efficiency emerged at the forefront of conversations a few years ago, following the pandemic and its aftermath. Suddenly, the items we desired were either out of stock, or e-commerce deliveries were delayed or expensive. Geopolitical tensions, high energy prices, and the growing use of technology are expected to reshape the […]

Why a unified data strategy is your best bet during economic uncertainty 

 Rising energy and food prices, geopolitical tensions, growing use of multiple currencies for global trade settlements, and disruptive technology define our present. How can organizations forecast and plan for the future and contingencies? Business intelligence, derived from data collection and management, is one way of becoming future-ready.   Data analytics and governance are among the top […]

3 data analytics trends that can improve your organization’s bottom line in 2023  

Macroeconomic events over the past few years have unfolded at a dizzying pace, creating uncertainty for many businesses. In the backdrop of this transformational change, businesses are now looking at ways to ensure the efficiency of operations, achieve customer satisfaction, and stay relevant and competitive. And data becomes the central thread across all these areas. […]

Unified Data Governance Matters: Take Control of Your Data with Microsoft Purview

People and organizations are using an ever increasing number of devices and applications, resulting in the generation of large data volumes. According to one estimation, 2025 will see the creation of 175 trillion gigabytes (175 zettabytes) of data! These vast amounts of unstructured data or data overload, whether it’s stored on-premises, on the cloud, or […]

How to write your SQL query in DAX?

Obviously, T-SQL and DAX are two different query languages and they serve entirely different purposes. However, as someone from a database development background, when I learnt DAX initially, I started thinking SQL and tried to achieve the same thing from DAX. The reason for that thinking process is that it is always easy to learn something new when we […]

Introduction to Azure Data Factory V2

It was only a matter of time till the complete Microsoft on-premise Business Intelligence stack was moved to the Azure Paas service. With the introduction of Azure Data Factory (ADF) back in 2015 and the recent launch of ADF V2, which is in public preview for the moment, it is now possible to orchestrate complex […]

Implementing Dynamic Row-Level Security in a Tabular Model

Dynamic row-level security enables report authors to filter data based on the user roles. This prevents developers from having to maintain separate security matrices. This also avoids the complexity of maintaining users under different security roles. Since most organizations have the required information about users in their databases, implementing dynamic-row level severity will be an […]