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Lengthy sales processes and manual or outdated procedures are common challenges many small and mid-sized businesses face. While trying to grow and scale a business, it’s often the last thing on your mind. But the faster you close a deal, the better it is for your bottom line.  

Streamlined sales processes are possible to build, but it often requires an investment in the right tools and resources to get your business to where you want it to be. If you want to boost sales by accelerating sales processes and retaining customers through exceptional customer service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help make it possible. 

The Key to Increased Sales and Service

Delivering on customer’s expectations is crucial to business success, especially as a growing business. You need a comprehensive business management solution that enables your small or midsize business to connect your finance, sales, services, and operations teams all within a single easy-to-use application. 

There is always something new on the horizon. A tool like Business Central equips small and midsize businesses with the resources, tools, and capabilities to tackle what’s next as you scale and grow. 

Enable Your Team to Perform at Their Best 

Businesses often face success or failure through one key element: their people. You want to enable your team to perform at their best. Tools like Business Central are what enable teams to perform at their best–giving teams access to the resources they need to operate efficiently day in and day out.  

Imagine if your business had access to: 

  • Faster reporting, cycle times, and financial closes 
  • Real-time data visualization across departments 
  • Built-in business intelligence and Power BI 

Tools and resources are available for small and midsize businesses that offer these features and more that enable optimal performance, continuous optimization, and agility that provides sustained profitability and cash flow. 

Boost Sales and Improve Customer Service  

Customers keep the business turning, so it makes sense to take the best possible care of the people who keep your business up and running. One way to take good care of customers is to create a seamless experience for them throughout the entire sales process. Business Central provides you with the opportunity to manage the entire sales process from within Microsoft Outlook creating a positive experience that can result in increased sales.

Accelerate Your Sales Processes 

One benefit of a business management tool is its ability to help accelerate sales processes. The tool not only allows you to prioritize leads based on revenue potential, but it offers flexible pricing and discounting, and the ability to improve your cash management. 

With the ability to keep track of customer interactions, and gain guidance on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities, a business management solution gives you full control of your sales cycle. Additionally, you can benefit from the ability to create flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers or groups of customers.  

The key to an effective sales process is delivering on promised customer outcomes. With a business management solution, you can track customer agreements that allow you to quickly access details about prices, discounts, delivery dates, product availability, and fulfilment status. 

With full control of your sales cycle, you can easily update your processes and procedures to ensure your sales process is as efficient as possible. 

Retain Customers by Offering Exceptional Customer Service

Customer retention is crucial to business success. Business management solutions give you the tools you need to offer exceptional customer service. To ensure a smooth transition from sales to service, with a tool like Business Central, you can automatically register shipped goods as service items and keep the required details in one place so both sales and service teams can respond quickly to inquiries.  

You can track customer returns and repairs. This gives you the ability to offer full replacements or provide simple repairs with all-in-one service order. For customers awaiting a response or service, you can boost loyalty by providing spare equipment. 

Another key benefit is the ability to keep track of service agreements to deliver reliable service to customers. Most importantly, a business management solution helps you live up to your service promises. With the ability to effectively assign personnel to work orders and view a breakdown of service tasks and workloads, you can meet and exceed customer expectations.  

Through the exceptional customer service, you are able to deliver with the help of a business management solution,  your team can find ways to retain customers for the long haul. 

Perform Better With Business Central 

It’s possible to boost sales and improve customer service with the right tools like Business Central in place. Contact our team to learn if Business Central is a good fit for your small or midsize business so you can help your team accelerate the sales process and retain customers by offering ongoing exceptional customer service. 

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