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With a to-do list that is never ending, streamlining the financial management of your organization may not be on your radar. But as a small or mid-sized business, you know that the right resources and tools can impact your bottom line. Further, streamlining the financial management of your organization is not without its advantages. From accelerating financial close to improved forecasting to real-time performance metrics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers you the ability to increase your financial visibility and performance, enabling your team–and your business–to perform better. 

Streamline Financial Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Now more than ever, small and midsize businesses need to enable their people to deliver on customer expectations, no matter where they are or what comes next. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution that helps small and midsize businesses connect their finance, sales, services, and operations teams within a single easy-to-use application.  

With every day and every minute bringing something new, Business Central allows small and midsize businesses like yours to be equipped for what’s next and unlock limitless possibilities. 

Perform Better with Dynamics 365 Business Central 

With Business Central, you can enable your workforce to perform at their best as you increase the financial visibility and performance of your small or mid-sized business. The ability to customize the platform on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of your business can provide you with the sustained profitability and cash flow your business needs to keep moving forward. 

Features such as guided workflows, governance, and real-time metrics that drive continuous process optimization, accelerates financial closes, and improves cycle times, will all be at your team’s fingertips enabling them to perform better. 

Working alongside our team as you adapt Business Central, capitalize on features such as: 

  • Faster reporting, cycle times, and financial closes 
  • Real-time data visualization across departments 
  • Built-in business intelligence and PowerBI 

By deploying Business Central with the help of a Microsoft partner, you can rest assured your team will be empowered to perform better.  

Increase Financial Visibility and Performance 

Business Central enables you to streamline the financial management of your business. Business Central offers small and midsize businesses the opportunity to accelerate financial close, improve forecasting, and get real-time performance metrics all while fostering compliance and security across subsidiaries. 

Some ways you can increase financial visibility and performance of your small or midsize business with Business Central include: 

  • Take control of financial data. Benefit from better management of your cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgeting, and project costing. Find ways to decrease cycle times with features such as the late payment prediction extension. 
  • Expand into global markets. Through the ability to support multiple currencies, exchange rates, consolidations, intercompany transactions, and localized tax regulations, you can grow your business globally.  
  • Accelerate financial closing and reporting. With connected general ledger, accounts receivable, payables, and fixed assets data, reduce the time it takes for month- and year-end closing. Through the Power Automate feature, you can streamline approval workflows. 
  • Monitor financial performance. Identify financial patterns, analyze trends, and improve business planning through built-in reports, Excel, or Microsoft Power BI and unlimited data dimensions that give you real-time cash flow. 
  • Make more profitable financial decisions. Attain accurate insights to make financial decisions with confidence through connected reports, charts, and Power BI data from across accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory teams. 
Perform Better With Business Central 

Increase financial visibility and performance with Business Central. Contact our team to learn if Business Central is a good fit for your small or midsize business so you can increase the financial visibility and performance of your business by enabling your team to perform better as you stay ahead of the competition.

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