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From maximizing warehouse operations to efficiently shipping products and balancing optimal stock levels, the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology is critical for wholesale distributors to remain competitive in the market while simplifying operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect fit for wholesale distribution operations. Offering the capability to meet critical objectives such as balanced stock levels and exceptional customer service, Business Central will enable your business to scale and stay ahead of competitors.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Customers have higher expectations than ever before and they only continue to increase. Wholesale distributors are challenged with delivering great products, at a lower (and lower) price point, faster than ever. How can you keep up? Increasingly complex processes that encompass global supply chains, multiple channels, and increased regulation require an end-to-end solution like Business Central.

Offering the ability to optimize your warehouse operations all while aligning your stock with consumer demand, and providing exceptional customer service, Business Central offers a complete package to meet the challenging expectations of the day.

  1. Efficiently manage stock. Does your wholesale distribution business use a traditional information system? Are you struggling to make business decisions? Wholesale distributors who continue to rely on traditional information systems may find it difficult to make business decisions. Business Central provides businesses with a clear understanding of their inventory, stock profitability, and enables you to predict customer demand. Additionally, Business Central can compile information on the best performing suppliers who deliver on time and at the best price point.
  2. Optimize end-to-end warehouse management. Business Central can be used to automate and streamline the entire warehousing process, from route planning to inventory replenishment. With Business Central, you can improve lead time management and more efficiently deliver goods to customers.
  3. Streamline customer interactions. Improve customer retention, satisfaction, and feedback through Business Central’s customer service solution. With the ability to track your order pipeline and monitor and manage specific cases, the solution is built to ensure customer interactions are consistent and professional.
  4. Gain immediate insight into operations. Through business intelligence reports, Business Central enables you to gain immediate insight into the operations of your business. From understanding costs, resources, and orders to measuring and maximizing productivity and profitability, making strategic business decisions will be easier than ever before.
Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Simplified Operations

To run a successful warehouse operation, areas of the business that are critical for success include process automation, connected supply chains, data flexibility, and insight into analytics.

Business Central is a comprehensive solution that brings together ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting to ensure customer needs are not only met, but work is handled efficiently through a single platform.

Simplifying operations as a wholesale distributor gives you a competitive advantage. Business Central offers features and functionality that make simplifying operations possible.

  1. Automate processes. Business Central can automate managing orders, workflows, approvals, and invoicing. Automating these processes frees employees from manual tasks, which are often error prone. Instead, they can focus on issues that arise and avoid being buried in mundane work–improving efficiency and reducing costs. With the ability to focus on issues that need critical attention, automated processes can also lead to improved customer relations and a more satisfied workforce.
  2. Ensure financial health. To ensure the financial health of your wholesale distribution operations, you need accurate numbers to rely on when making business decisions. While many businesses rely on manual methods, incomplete data pulled from disparate systems can lead to inaccurate information. Business Central is an excellent tool to help you manage financial and supply chain functions by bringing together the information you need into a single system allowing you to make decisions that move the business forward.
  3. Efficiently share data and information. There are multiple customer touchpoints in the supply chain ecosystem making it a challenge to efficiently share information between suppliers, carriers, and customers. Business Central’s secure cloud-based portal allows customers to use self-service features. Additionally, you can interact with suppliers more quickly while tracking, monitoring, and managing vendor performance to avoid disruptions—all while maintaining greater visibility into operations.
  4. Optimize inventory through intelligence. Using machine learning and AI, Business Central helps you to plan and forecast customer service and order fulfillment.
Business Central: The Right Fit for Wholesale Distribution Operations

Business Central is designed to help you overcome operational challenges as a wholesale distributor. From pricing to inbound transportation and supplier management, Business Central is designed to help you manage every aspect of your wholesale distribution operations.

Contact our team to learn more and determine if the wholesale distribution capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central can help relieve some of the operational challenges your business is facing.

Contact our team to learn more and determine if the wholesale distribution capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central can help relieve some of the operational challenges your business is facing.


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