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Several factors at play in the market are forcing manufacturing and logistics companies to automate. From a surge in consumer prices and increased operational costs to heightened demand from consumers, market pressures are forcing businesses to reevaluate their processes, procedures, and the technology used to support their businesses. 

What was once a question of if to automate has now become how much to automate. Innovation has become a requirement to stay afloat in the market. 

Today’s Manufacturing and Logistics Challenges 

As consumer demand increases, shippers must provide customized services that are not only faster, but more accurate. Consumers desire and expect inventory to be available when they want it, with the option of fast and free delivery, as well as free and easy returns. 

While the increased demand from consumers is challenging, the market is also facing labor shortages, increased wage costs, supply chain challenges, and increased freight and shipping costs. 

The hardest hit? Smaller carriers and independent providers. Small and midsize businesses now have even more challenges to overcome as they compete against global businesses. 

Benefits of Automation 

Investing in tools and technology to automate a part of your small or midsize business does not come without cost, but that initial investment—while substantial—becomes more beneficial over time. 

Automation in any form can help ease the labor shortage challenges of the day, while paving the way for a healthier workforce. And when it comes to warehouse management, how your warehouse is organized, and its available capacity is information your business needs more than ever. Small and midsize businesses need to maximize their existing space to keep rates manageable. Automation through technology such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to rethink your space. 

The right technology automating the right functions of your business, can increase the efficiency of your workforce as well as help streamline communication. 

Selecting the Right Tools 

Determining the right technology for your organization can feel like a monumental challenge to overcome. You need to automate today and large-scale implementations typically don’t happen overnight. 

An out-of-the-box solution such as Dynamics 365 Business Central may work as a starting point to automating some of the basic needs of your organization that pertain to financial management, sales, operations, and business intelligence. A more customized solution with add-ons may be something to consider once you have the basic functionality in place. 

To determine the right solution for your organization, our experts at Intellint recommend undergoing an assessment. During an assessment, we work to understand your business challenges and what processes, procedures, and technology can work to help you find success. 

Leverage Automation to Tackle Common Manufacturing & Logistical Challenges 

Whether you invest in the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform for financial management for warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, or BI and analytics, the broad nature of the solution is designed to help your business run smarter. 

Automation allows small and midsize businesses to meet customer demand more consistently and reliably. As customers are more satisfied, employees will find more satisfaction in their work, leading to increased employee retention. 

Automation Doesn’t Replace People 

While automation plays an important role in giving businesses in the manufacturing and logistics industry a competitive advantage, it’s important to recognize that automation is only one piece of the puzzle. 

Automation is necessary to help maximize productivity of a workforce, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for people. The right technology, in combination with a team of experts, is required to help your small or midsize businesses achieve success. Too many manual processes can hinder your business in the same way that too much automation can. The right blend comes down to understanding your business and the way it operates best.  


Automation is a worthwhile investment for many small and midsize businesses faced with today’s market pressures. The right technology can help your business increase efficiency, streamline communication, and provide the exceptional service that customers now demand. 

Contact our team to learn more and determine if the automation capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central can help relieve some of the manufacturing and logistical challenges your small or midsize business is facing.


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