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As part of Fortude’s weekly “tech talk” series, Madushan Dahanayake, Associate Consultant – BI at Fortude, took Fortudites on a fascinating journey deep into the world of machine learning.

What is machine learning? Machine Learning is the use of algorithms to find patterns in data. It then uses those patterns to predict the future on a constantly evolving basis, instead of just being programmed in a certain way that is limited and final.

Machine learning reflects an evolution from data analysis into data science. In other words, the focus is not on what can be done, but why and how it should be done, which deepens the scope and broadens the ultimate output of the data that is processed and presented.

Madushan took Fortudites through an indepth journey into Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft’s cloud solution and machine learning platform for the masses. It is an end-to-end system in how it handles data and can deploy models and prepare data.

In order to refine the machine learning process, Madushan provided us with a few insightful questions that are used. Questions include “What is the anomaly in a certain data set” and “How can we organize data according to shared traits”. With these questions, machines are able to interact with data to, for example, identify certain common elements and organize the data accordingly, identify anomalies, accurately predict next steps given certain conditions in the data, and so on.

Everytime the machine interacts with data, it learns and evolves to function smarter and faster. These “smart” machines include meteorology equipment, self-driving cars, and other situations where having intelligent data makes a big difference in making life function smarter and better.

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