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Analytics Platform

Looking to forge ahead of your competition and innovate the way you do business?

You need to be insights-driven with all-round awareness of your business and your customers, constantly monitoring for and analyzing drivers of change.

Presenting you with our Analytics Platform

A repository of business-wide data (and even external data) that is a single source of truth for all your analytics, from do-your-own analytics all the way to automated AI-based intelligence.

We will provide:

Consolidation of your data from all your systems, whatever they may be into a central location, to set the base for all the goodness that is to come.

Formulation of business metrics, analytical datasets and models, and AI models under the hood, enabling you with multiple levels of intelligence that is raring to go.

Insights & Intelligence. Visually stunning interactive reports that drill down and through to root causes, alerts, real-time dashboards, AI-based suggestions and patterns, and even allowing you to run your own analytics. All of these atop the analytics platform, provided to you with our extensive experiences in multiple industries.


Broad Integration

Be it on the cloud, on-premises or on the edge, in this day and age data comes in different forms – transactions, logs, multimedia, big data, social media, streamed IoT data and more. We use cutting edge technologies that are best suited for each type of data to ingest, clean and process regardless of its origin, so that all your data is brought in.

Effective Analytics

We strongly believe that magic can happen with your data when you have a robust analytics platform. With a robust analytics platform, you can do magic with your data. Solutions such as business intelligence and reporting, real-time analytics, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence can all be enabled and made to work for you.


Our analytics platforms are evolutionary. Built after the modern data warehouse architecture endorsed by Microsoft, it allows you to start small with little or no cost, and then expand up and across your organization as you see the value.

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